Come try Chertt

Chertt is a social network for its users. I started because I was tired of ads, bots, user tracking, and spammers in other huge corporate social networks.  Chertt is 100% Patreon sponsored, there will never be any ads on Chertt.  Chertt will never sell, release, or make available our users data to any outside…

Start to feel the Bern!

It’s on. If you don’t know him, you should learn about him. I will be voting for, and hopefully campaigning for him in 2020. Please donate what you can, he doesn’t have a Super PAC, and runs on our donations. 2020 Announcement and Platform 2020 Announcement from Brooklyn College Consistent, Passionate, and Inspiring

FeedTiger — An RSS aggregation site built for Lynx

I have resurrected an old project that aggregates RSS feeds from around the web (FeedTiger).  In this case the site is designed specifically for the Lynx text browser. I add feeds as I come accross them, if you know of a web site that has an atom or RSS feed you want me to add…

Python 2 is Retiring

January 1, 2020 Python 2 is retiring.  Plan accordingly.  Follow the clock:

Psycopg 2.7.6 released

This is a big deal, almost any python code I author, that connects to PostgreSQL, uses psycopg. This release fixes several bugs, and I love the fix to ticket #755!  Right on! Release Email We have just released the psycopg 2.7.6 package, fixing the issues found in the last months in the psycopg 2.7 version….

A rock hard email company

I have been using Protonmail for about two years now, I think. I was drawn to their service after the Snowden revelations, and loved the fact that they offered full end-to-end, and at rest, encryption.  Another thing I love about this company is their transparency.  Recently they were under a DDOS attack and instead of…

Simple RSS Parser with Python and PHP

If you want to throw a feed into your web page, one way I have found that works well is to use the Python feed parser module.  The way I do it is just put the data into a PostgreSQL database table and then truncate the table each time I pull the feed again.  The…