I finally got some time to add a new perl repo I am working on to my think tank. There is only one little script in plutil now, but I will be adding more.  I will post any new repos to that I think others may find useful.

New site feeds added

Added content today to FeedTiger enjoy! Toward Data Science Technology Review Insider Science Focus Slate ZDNet The News Minute First Post The National Herald Venture Beat Reuters UK Android Authority Sludge Digital Trends The Next Web Sporting News Entrepreneur

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Hi Everyone, Ever since I was a kid I loved news and current events. I had stacks of newspapers I would archive. Fast forward about 25 years and here we are, and I still have that itch for good news and content. The problem is it is EVERYWHERE, and getting a really good news read…

FeedTiger update

Well I took the weekend and some of tonight and finally have a new version of FeedTiger LIVE!  The news engine was totally re-written, as well as the front end, with complete full search capabilities on all indexed articles.  Traffic is starting to pick up as well and I think allot of news fans out…

Really handy TCP port ping command with Python and Bash only.

I use this command so much when negotiating whether network, and firewalld, rules are configured that I felt obligated to post it.  If you need to ping a remote server TCP port then this is the command for you. I have test this on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, since that is what I use at…

FeedTiger — An RSS aggregation site built for Lynx

I have resurrected an old project that aggregates RSS feeds from around the web (FeedTiger).  In this case the site is designed specifically for the Lynx text browser. I add feeds as I come accross them, if you know of a web site that has an atom or RSS feed you want me to add…

Python 2 is Retiring

January 1, 2020 Python 2 is retiring.  Plan accordingly.  Follow the clock: