FeedTiger — An RSS aggregation site built for Lynx

I have resurrected an old project that aggregates RSS feeds from around the web (FeedTiger).  In this case the site is designed specifically for the Lynx text browser. I add feeds as I come accross them, if you know of a web site that has an atom or RSS feed you want me to add…

Python 2 is Retiring

January 1, 2020 Python 2 is retiring.  Plan accordingly.  Follow the clock: https://pythonclock.org/

Psycopg 2.7.6 released

This is a big deal, almost any python code I author, that connects to PostgreSQL, uses psycopg. This release fixes several bugs, and I love the fix to ticket #755!  Right on! Release Email We have just released the psycopg 2.7.6 package, fixing the issues found in the last months in the psycopg 2.7 version….

A rock hard email company

I have been using Protonmail for about two years now, I think. I was drawn to their service after the Snowden revelations, and loved the fact that they offered full end-to-end, and at rest, encryption.  Another thing I love about this company is their transparency.  Recently they were under a DDOS attack and instead of…

Simple RSS Parser with Python and PHP

If you want to throw a feed into your web page, one way I have found that works well is to use the Python feed parser module.  The way I do it is just put the data into a PostgreSQL database table and then truncate the table each time I pull the feed again.  The…

Advice for Young Technology Professionals

I recently watched a video about a young programming prodigy, who was obviously brilliant.  I was thinking about things I have learned over my career which started back in 2003, that I wish I could share with this young man, and thought I would share them in my blog, so here they are, and I…

Working on content

I’ll be posting content soon, I am spinning my blog back up so it may take me a little bit, visit me on twitter in the meantime.