KDE Plasma 5 — Stunning

The need for a new desktop system

After running Gnome3 for a couple of days I was crippled by the gnome shell taking close to 1.5 GB of memory.  Along with the other daemons running I was using close to 75% of my system memory running just basic apps.

KDE Plasma 5 is stunning!

I am totally blown away by KDE Plasma 5, which I think rivals Gnome 3, Windows 10, or MacOS.  Below I will try to detail how I was able to install it on top of FreeBSD 11.2.


The Steps

Install X Window System

Make a user named “vru” and run this command that will ad the new user to the wheel group to be able to run the gui.

Edit /boot/loader.conf adding the following line.

Install kde5

Install sddm

Modify /etc/fstab.  Add the following line.

Modify /etc/rc.conf

Now reboot.  When SDDM launches you will have the option on the bottom left corner to select “Plasma”.  Please comment with any feedback I may have missed a step.  Here are the reference links I used.



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