Psycopg 2.7.6 released

This is a big deal, almost any python code I author, that connects to PostgreSQL, uses psycopg. This release fixes several bugs, and I love the fix to ticket #755!  Right on!

Release Email

We have just released the psycopg 2.7.6 package, fixing the issues
found in the last months in the psycopg 2.7 version.

Summary of changes:

– Close named cursors if exist, even if execute() wasn’t called (ticket #746).
– Fixed building on modern FreeBSD versions with Python 3.7 (ticket #755).
– Fixed hang trying to COPY via execute() in asynchronous connections
(ticket #781).
– Fixed adaptation of arrays of empty arrays (ticket #788).
– Fixed segfault accessing the connection’s readonly and deferrable attributes
repeatedly (ticket #790).
– execute_values() accepts sql.Composable objects (ticket #794).
– errorcodes map updated to PostgreSQL 11.
– Wheel package compiled against PostgreSQL 10.5 libpq and OpenSSL 1.0.2p.

You can install psycopg2 from PyPI or grab the new code from:

– source package:
– signature

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