My latest project — Sapadian File Space

In the Sapadian Skunkworks is a new project of mine called Sapadian File Space. This will be an Open Source project released under the 2-Clause BSD License.

I am developing the app targeting Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows Server Platforms.

I have no timeline for the first version but I am shooting for Spring sometime.  Once I have version 1 ready the source will be available on the Sapadian Web Site. Check the blog soon for more updates.

Yes I know there are probably packages and code out there that does this, but I want to write my own to keep my Python prowess in tact.

Sapadian File Space 1.0 Features

  • File Archiver including to Amazon S3 Bucket(s)
  • File Encryption (Multiple sources/destinations)
  • File Copy (Multiple sources/destinations)
  • File Move (Multiple sources/destinations)
  • Reporting and Stats

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