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Hi Everyone,

Ever since I was a kid I loved news and current events. I had stacks of newspapers I would archive. Fast forward about 25 years and here we are, and I still have that itch for good news and content. The problem is it is EVERYWHERE, and getting a really good news read from different web sites is a chore of endless clicks, bookmarks, and newsreaders.

At first I developed FeedTiger just for me as a fun project, but the more I tuned the code, I started to see the great potential it had for finding news and content, and I knew many others would find it useful. FeedTiger is born!

FeedTiger is unique in its ability for you to find the news you want very quickly, and it is 100% free of charge. FeedTiger is a content search service, driving more traffic to the work of dedicated journalists, and content creators around the internet, without ads or complicated rankings.

I am asking people to consider a small donation as a FeedTiger patron, this will allow me to pay FeedTiger server costs, and spend some money on promotion, which is on a shoestring budget right now.

I wanted to structure my Patreon campaign simply by give people some opportunity to help me steer the future of the web site, or make a simple donation.  FeedTiger is indexing close to 300,000 news article links (growing daily), that are fully searchable, in order for you to find, in a fast way, the exact content you want, while providing you the news article link within seconds.

You may say to yourself, “isn’t that what Google is Ben?”  Well, not really. Over the years ad rankings and an ever more complex search algorithm has made Google excellent for finding general information, but not great when it comes to specifically targeting news content. FeedTiger doesn’t give you simply a website URL, it gives you the specific news story based on your search query, across over 100 of the best content sites on the internet, and I plan on growing this base dramatically over the coming months. Simple Content Access.

So please try out FeedTiger, and if you don’t decide to become a Patreon Patron, please like and share our Facebook page, and consider sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, or your social media outlet of choice.


Ben Milliron


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