My Favorite Stuff


Just watch it, you either will click off in 15 seconds wondering how much of a total nerd I am or (if you are a nerd as well) will be consumed by it, and begin looking for an old, or new machine, to install freebsd on :-).

The Goonies

Ya, I don’t need to explain.  The best ever.  If you’re a younger person, you need to watch it.

Street Hawk

Not allot of people remember this show, one of the many 80s shows pairing killer war machines with suave leading actors. Street Hawk was one of my favs.

The Karate Kid Fight Scene

I always loved this scene, and song.  I always hated the Cobra Kai guys but Dutch was awesome, he was so cool, although a bully. I loved the patches on their uniforms.  Several programs I have written over the years have had Karate kid names.

GI Joe Movie

For me personally the GI Joe Universe rivals Star Wars and Marvel.  Granted its GI Joe vs Cobra so the story is, well, literally two sided (good vs evil), but I owned just about every GI Joe figure back in the day, when Dominos used to have those little plastic table looking things in their pizzas I collected them and used them for huge restaurant fight scenes with my GI Joes. Good Times.

Mr. Bean

The funniest.